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by Hillside

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released May 31, 2016

produced by brianna weber and rachel aguiar

*most tracks are a collaboration on instrumentals
tracks 2,8 and 10 were written by rachel aguiar
tracks 1, 3-7, 9 and 11 were written by brianna weber



all rights reserved


Hillside New Jersey

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Track Name: flowers
lava lamb
on my bed
lava lamp
on my bed

be there for me instead
for what the water led
means nothing to me

floated away
and departed from all
the flowers that grow in may
i hope you find you
i hope i find my way
i hope you find you

flowers of mine
in floating beds
melt with me, lets share our heads
we are floating
flowers in floating may

float away from some of these flowers
that have grown in may
Track Name: spry
I know that we were wrong,
I tried to convince myself that it wasn't my fault
Track Name: puddle trip of goth walk
a fire, it burns inside my brain
this feeling, it's starting to
drive me insane

a puppy in a parking lot,
i think about some things a lot
a lot.
Track Name: we know
we know, we know
we heard that you blow
on the dust of the past
because it makes you clash
to take back
what could have passed
we know, we know
Track Name: growing
we're growing up
we're growing up
and i know that it sucks,
but could you just stop
and start giving a fuck

time is changing pattern,
but i'd rather live on saturn
than to watch all of this
burn away

i just want my bbz,
but they won't stay
i just want my bbz,
but they won't stay

we're growing up
we're growing up
and i know that it's tough,
but could you just stop
and start giving a fuck

what happened to us?
what happened to us?
Track Name: gazer
i'll be the gazer
and you'll be the stars
i wanna watch you
even when the world
rips into your heart

i'll be the rabbit
and you'll be the magician
like a bug inside your brain
i wanna squirm around until
i find your insane

i'll be the painter
and you'll be the art
i wanna follow you
wherever we go among the stars
Track Name: monster
monster in your bed
where is your head?

monster in your head,
where is your bed?

monster in your head,
where is your head?
Track Name: cornball
It's okay we don't have forever,
we have now let's make it count for later.
Even if what's lost can't be found;
don't be sad, don't be down,
I'll be around.

Hush baby, don't you cry.
There will be a next time.
Hush baby, don't you fret.
Just rest your pretty head.

They will be better for you.
I know you don't like to believe in the truth.
You believe in a fabricated reality.
Someone will come along
and change your mind completely.

It will be okay,
just please don't worry.
It will be fine in time.
Hush baby, don't cry.
Track Name: peaches
the peaches
you gave me jelly beans
picked a handful out of your pocket
i'll keep some pieces for me

i heard of stabbing things with my eyes
i would stare at them for too long
like you stare into my soul and pierce me right on sight

the strawberries are ripe this season
i just need one stupid reason
to do something right in my lifetime

the peaches
you gave me jelly beans
the peaches
you gave me strawberries

and i'll bet one million dollars
you don't know what that means to me

the peaches
you gave me jelly beans
Track Name: blue
empty house
empty man
nothing, but an empty beer can
tv glares
flashes of blue
he stares
there is nothing inside you

shit, damn, yeah okay
is this really how we spend our day?
Track Name: just a warning (bonus track)
for all the NoiSe fans out there,
you crazy, trippy lil' knuckleheads